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Rapid City-based marketing and communications firm Jackalope earned six American Advertising Awards® at the 2015 AAF-District 8 Regional Competition in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for work created on behalf of Black Hills Ammunition and Jackalope. The wins mark the sixth consecutive year that the firm has represented AAF-Black Hills and the greater Black Hills advertising community at the regional level. AAF-District 8 is comprised of local AAF affiliated organizations from South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Jackalope was the only agency outside of Minneapolis to be awarded gold. In fact, the firm’s identity program earned the second highest marks in the entire professional body of work behind BBDO Minneapolis best of show entry, Driven by Bacon.

With over 60,000 annual entries, the American Advertising Awards® are the world’s largest and arguably toughest advertising competition. Each year the competition begins at the local level with 210 AAF clubs across the country. Entries must first be submitted in a local competition to be eligible for regional and national competitions. Local winners advance to one of 14 regional district competitions and District winners advance to the national finals. The National American Advertising Awards® are held in conjunction with the AAF National Conference; June 10-13, 2015, in Las Vegas, NV.

Winning advertisers featured in the 2015 AAF District 8 ADDYs competition included Colle + McVoy, BBDO Minneapolis, Target, Olson, and Sioux Falls agencies Fresh Produce and Media One.

Jackalope Winning Entries-

Gold, Black Hills Ammunition
Elements of Advertising, Brand Video Cinematography

Silver, Black Hills Ammunition Brand Video
Elements of Advertising, Brand Video Copywriting

Out here, freedom isn’t a state of mind.

It’s land so vast and open and rugged, it makes

everything it touches wild.

It brought us here, this land. Called us.

To witness the arc of the earth.

The grass that stretches farther than any eye will ever see.

And the sky, always the sky, bigger than anything that

ever was or ever will be.

But for those of us who came here, we didn’t come to

see how small we really are.

We came to see just how big we can become.

The Black Hills of South Dakota.

The place that made the people, who make the best ammo on earth.

Gold, Black Hills Ammunition
Elements of Advertising, Color Photography Campaign

BHA2014-032new BHA2014-026color BHA2014-010color

BHA 2015 Product Catalog

BHA 2015 Product Catalog

Silver, Jackalope
Elements of Advertising, Logo

Jackalope logo v1

Gold, Jackalope
Collateral Material, Poster


Gold, Jackalope
Advertising Industry Self-Promotion, Identity Program

IMG_5977 IMG_6003 IMG_5945

A full list of 2015 AAF-District 8 American Advertising Awards winners can be viewed here.


Jackalope is an advertising agency. It is also a mythical animal that rewired the laws of nature to create something the world never even knew it needed. The truth lies somewhere in between. We’re an ad agency that doesn’t look, act or think like an ad agency. We work with people whose companies we believe in. And our job is to gather up whatever weird and wonderful tools we can find and convince the world to believe in those companies like we do.

To get in touch, call (605) 430-5407 or drop us a line at

Jackalope Wins Big at 2015 AAF- Black Hills American Advertising Awards

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Rapid City marketing and communications firm Jackalope won 5 gold and 4 silver American Advertising Awards for work entered in print, video, cinematography, and design categories at the 2015 Black Hills American Advertising Awards.

The agency also won a Judge’s Choice award for the Jackalope Identity program, a People’s Choice Award for Black Hills Ammunition’s integrated campaign, and the “Tommy Award,” Best of Show for the Jackalope Identity program. This marks the fifth time in seven years that the agency has been awarded the evening’s top honor.

Notable marketing firms and in-house departments with wins at this year’s AAF-Black Hills American Advertising Awards included TDG Communications, Clark & Company, Inc., Regional Health, and Rapid City Convention & Visitors Bureau. Carol Brown, Black Hills Federal Credit Union Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, was named the Silver Medal Award Winner.

The 2015 American Advertising Awards were judged by nationally recognized creative directors from Omaha/Lincoln, Nebraska firms Bailey Lauerman, B2 Interactive, and Bozell.

Gold Award in Sales Promotion + Elements of Advertising, Cinematography – Black Hills Ammunition Brand Video


Gold Award in Non-Traditional Advertising-
Black Hills Ammunition Pop Up Trail Signage


Gold Award in Advertising Industry, Self Promotion-
Jackalope Logo


Judge’s Choice Award- Jackalope Identity Program

BHA Ultimate Survivor Bug Out Bag

BHA Ultimate Survivor Bug Out Bag

BHA Pop Up Trail Signage

BHA 2015 Product Catalog

BHA 2015 Product Catalog

People’s Choice Award- Black Hills Ammunition Integrated Campaign

Screen shot 2015-02-16 at 4.03.10 PM10830892_10152699398778977_4665113744280995009_o

Best of Show “Tommy” Award- Jackalope Identity Program

View all 2015 AAF-Black Hills American Advertising Awards Winners here

Black Hills New Powerhouse Loads for 2015-

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Black Hills Ammunition has been producing top-quality reloaded rounds for decades as well as superb factory-new ammo. For 2015, the company is offering several new loads that cover all the bases.

First up is Black Hills’s new .338 Lapua Magnum, which features the 250-grain Nosler AccuBond bullet. While Black Hills has traditionally offered .338 Lapua Magnum ammo in target or match loadings previously, this new load, part of its Gold line, is geared more toward hunting. It should be able to tackle big game like bears, elk and moose with ease.

Black Hills also has a new .308 Winchester load featuring the 168-grain Sierra Tipped MatchKing (TMK) bullet, a polymer-tipped bullet with a high ballistic coefficient for greater terminal performance on target. It’s designed for a flat, long-range trajectory and extreme accuracy. Black Hills is also offering a 5.56mm NATO load with a 69-grain Sierra TMK bullet for this same purpose.

Another of Black Hills’ new 5.56mm loads features the 70-grain GMX (Gilding Metal eXpanding) bullet from Hornady. This bullet is designed to expand rapidly yet retain nearly 100 percent of its weight while providing deep penetration. It’s great for game (where legal) and law enforcement, as it can go through many common barriers.

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