Black Hills Federal Credit Union Brand TV

In Video Production on November 8, 2011 at 9:06 am

To many people, banking has become a commodity. Like tap water or cable TV. With this brand campaign, we hoped to convince folks that choosing a financial institution isn’t a necessary evil, not at Black Hills Federal Credit Union.

So, we decided not to chase consumers with the typical offers and features — the same offers and features they’ll find at just about every other financial. Rather, we focused on charming them, appealing to their emotions, and showing them that Black Hills is different… At Black Hills, it’s like a family. We tried to boil that down as simply as possible. Our message: Join the family.

To illustrate this, we tied into people’s sentimental stories of a family member teaching them about money and savings. Often, these are the very experiences that shape their beliefs about money. These commercials are a montage of on-the-street interviews with real people sharing their stories or talking about advice they received from a family member. We focused on the funniest, most touching and most universal.

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  1. Love the stories and the backgrounds. Nice work Jason!

  2. Hey Michelle- Thanks! We had fun with these spots. We’re lucky there are so many great people in the places we live. Oh, and the stories too!

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