Black Hills Ammunition- “It Started With Our Hands” Integrated Brand Campaign

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Message, a Rapid City marketing and communications firm, recently collaborated with Black Hills Ammunition to create an integrated marketing campaign.

Black Hills produces ammunition for people who demand no less than 100% precision and reliability. It’s a small, family-run company. They don’t have shareholders and their decisions aren’t driven by profits. They make their product deliberately slow, often slower than demand would like. And they inspect every round by hand. An industry process that is practically nonexistent in 2013. That meticulous, human attention to detail is the reason their ammunition is equal to the best handloads out there. In fact, it’s arguably the best ammunition in the world.

Message determined that their audience is as likely to be military and law enforcement personnel as they are to be gun makers, hunters, and weekend warriors. Because it’s not about what they do, but rather about how they think.

Black Hills Ammo’s core audience – the people who are most passionate about what they do at Black Hills, and vice-versa – is, in short, serious shooters. If their audience is a target, the serious shooters are the bullseye. The stronger we engage these folks, the more authentically we’ll speak to everyone.

The one message we wanted to convey was this: At the end of the day, the thing that drives Black Hills Ammo as a company is the same nagging desire that drives every serious shooter. Perfection.

From there, we wrote an anthem. It’s our way of ensuring that all creative work ties back to the campaign’s main point that perfection is achieved only through attention to detail and craftsmanship. Essentially, that human desire for perfection lies in the hands of the folks that handcraft the ammunition. “It Started With Our Hands” was born out of this.

Campaign Anthem:

It started with our hands. Everything we made, we made with the two tools God gave us.

 Then we grew smarter.

Hard work gave way to ingenuity. And technology took us places we never imagined. Machines gave us a kind of efficiency and precision we couldn’t have fathomed.

And somewhere along the way, some of us lost sight of what we were after to begin with. Perfection.

That desire that started us making things in the first place. A human desire. Something a machine will never understand.

But it’s not too late to reclaim that desire.

We have everything we need. Because in the end there’s only so far technology and automation can take us, and what it all boils down to is a pair of hands. 

Started with our Hands


Photography Campaign

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Product Catalog Spreads


Industry Publication Full Page Ad


Industry Writer Media Kit

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Brand Video

  1. This is great! Did you shoot the brand video yourself?

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